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1- General:

These general conditions of sale are strictly applied to all sales of products made in Spain, by TOP BABY, S.L. with C.I.F. number B-81943318, hereinafter, for individuals and companies in Spain and customers outside Spain with physical store or website (see conditions in English). For all customers in Spain, the CENSAL MODEL 036- 037 is essential. Any order made to necessarily implies as an essential, determining and essential condition, the unreserved acceptance by the Client of the General Conditions of Sale of in force on the day on which the corresponding order is carried out. In addition, the Client acknowledges that the acceptance of these conditions will imply their application to the order to which they refer, as well as to any subsequent order, with the exception of those cases in which new conditions are brought to their attention by Applicable law and competent jurisdiction. The interpretation and execution of the conditions, as well as all acts that are a consequence of them, will be subject to Spanish law, unless there are public order provisions contrary to it.

2- CONDITIONS TO BE ABLE TO ORDER (always more taxes).

2.1- Order conditions for LICENSES AND POP CULTURE products:

 The first order will be 300€ + IVA.

2.2- Order conditions for CHILDREN FASHION.

-For Spain and Portugal the first order is 500€ + IVA. The following will be 150€ + IVA.

-For E.U. Customers with physical store or website the first order is 700€ before taxes and later 350€ before taxes.

-For clients working on social networks, contact

-For International not E.U. the first order is 900€ before taxes and later 500€ before taxes.

2.3 Dropshipping

By company policy, we do not work dropshipping or any similar modality.


The prices published on are valid except for typographical errors that

Top Baby may rectify without any commitment. All prices do not include taxes.


The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products proposed for sale are only indicative and do not compromise the seller in any way.

To use the photographs of, users must be customers and have placed an order in the last 3 months. All use without prior consent of TOPBABY S.L. may be reported for copyright infringement.


Our policy, complying with current regulations, is to grant you the right to return any defective item purchased at within 15 days from the date of receipt. And within a maximum period of 15 days of receipt of the return, agrees to your refund.

Before making the refund, you will have to notify the Customer Service department. The cancellation of the order has no cost for the customer as long as the merchandise has not left our warehouses. Once the order has been sent, the customer will bear the shipping and / or refund costs or any other.