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Condor, the brand of leotards, socks and lifelong socks

If there is a reference mark in Spain in the children's fashion sector, that is, without a doubt, Condor. With more than 100 years of experience in the textile sector, they have always been able to adapt to new times and demands, creating quality garments and marking their own style in all their collections.

Thanks to their effort and perseverance during all these years, today they are present in more than 30 countries around the world.

And as in Topbaby we just want to offer you the best for you and your customers, Cóndor could not miss among our reference brands.

In TopBaby you can find the famous leotards and socks of Condor, in a wide variety of colors, sizes and designs. We have open, smooth tights with bows, tassels, high and low socks, stockings, jackets ... and all with the quality guarantee of Condor.

Do not wait any longer and start selling these products in your store. Your customers will be delighted because they will always find the ideal complement for any set of their children. What are you waiting for?

Condor Leggings of all colors for your children's fashion store

Look for the color of leotard that your clients look for to combine with the sets of their children, in Topbaby you will find them safe because Cóndor has more than 60 different tones in different models of leotards that can be plain, openwork, ribbed and many more.

In addition, in TopBaby we have Condor leotards of all sizes, from triple 0, for newborn babies, to 16 years, depending on the model, so that all your customers can find the tights they need for their children.

Of course all of them are made with fabrics of the highest quality, so that children are very comfortable and warm with them and do not squeeze or fall.

Check our catalog and get all the Condor leotards you need for your store, your customers will love them because they are the usual leotards.

Buy here Condor tights for any occasion

In Topbaby we have leotards for more special days. These leotards are made with perlé and you can find them smooth, draped and carved, in different shades and sizes. We also have leotards with baby lace on the back, models with velvet bows,  with pompoms of hair.

If you want something more basic, the Condor ribbed or plain knit tights are perfect, because they are available in all sizes and in more than 60 shades of different colors, so you always find the one you are looking for.

In addition, in Topbaby we also have Lycra pantyhose and stockings for when it is not so cold, of course in various colors and sizes.

Do not think more and offer your customers all the options in your store. Take a look through our catalog and you will surely find the perfect products for your business.

We also have Condor socks and cardigans for boys and girls

If you want to complete the Cóndor product collection, you can not forget the socks. Like leotards, we have models of different designs with drafts, worked, smooth, high, low, with bows, tassels and other ornaments and more basic socks for day to day with fun prints. Of course all of them have the quality guarantee of a brand like Condor, with more than 100 years of experience.

And to complete the needs of your store, the Condor jackets are also essential. They are made in 100% cotton so they are soft and very comfortable for the little ones. We have the short model and another longer, all in a variety of colors so that your customers can combine them with the set they want.

Remember that if you have any questions you can contact us and we can help you find the perfect products for your business.