Great variety of Anekke products and accessories for your store

If you are looking to expand your catalog with items that fall in love with your clients of all ages you are in the best place. Here you will find a wide variety of products such as backpacks, suitcases, handbags and many accessories of the Anekke doll.

All Anekke articles are characterized by earth, gray and blue colors, which reinforce the romantic, dreamy and slightly melancholic image of the brand. These products are aimed at girls from the age of 7 and accompany them throughout their adolescence, even to adulthood.

The most representative symbol of the brand are undoubtedly the gorjuss dolls . These somewhat enigmatic dolls inspire memories of love, friendship and peace and transport us to a magical world full of tenderness. That's why the unmistakable Anekke doll is the star of all designs.

The products of the brand include travel items such as Anekke luggage , trolleys, toiletry bags... stationery products, wallets and Anekke handbags and other accessories such as umbrellas, jewelery, T-shirts, mugs, diaries, air fresheners and much more.

If you have a stationery store, a toy store or gift items and want to have products that will make girls and teenagers fall in love, Anekke is undoubtedly your brand. Look at the wide range of products that we put at your disposal and offer your customers the best. Surely they are delighted and repeat.

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Anekke suitcases for the trip of your dreams

For a trip to be unforgettable everything must be perfect, even the luggage. Offer your customers bags, maxi bags, luggage, trolleys, toiletry bags, document holders and everything you need to make your adventure unforgettable. All accessories, backpacks and Anekke bags are designed with love and care, taking care of even the smallest detail. They include embellishments, zips, extra pockets ... so that besides being precious, all the products are very practical. Offer your customers different models for that can choose the one that is perfect for each destination.

From college to university with Anekke

The Anekke stationery articles are so beautiful that the girls will continue to like them as they grow up. Look at the wide range of notebooks, cases, folders, pen holders, filing cabinets, diaries, pens or diaries with designs from the Anekke doll . They are ideal for that age when girls no longer want children's products but they still love the carefully designed designs.

Anekke wrist complements for the most conceited

If you want to offer your customers the best gift items for very flirtatious girls and teenagers, the Anekke brand gives you the solution. In our catalog you will find a wide variety of products for girls and teenagers that you will love. In addition to handbags, purses, backpacks or toiletry bags, Anekke also has a wide range of jewelery, key rings, umbrellas, mugs, case covers, jewelers, T-shirts, caps and even air fresheners. Check our catalog, you will surely find the perfect products for your most demanding clients.